About Us



.adrinADietra is a luxury lingerie brand that strives to offer quality garments and accessories in both a ready to wear as well as a made-to-measure platform, small batch natural apothecary goods, and coordinating zero waste products.

.We presently offer various styles of bras, panties, harnesses, slips, chemises, gowns, camisoles, bar soaps, beard oils, massage candles, and more. Each garment and apothecary good, is lovingly hand made in Ithaca, NY, by owner, Adrina Graham.

.We do also offer custom garment creations from either a standard base provided by us, or anything created from our client's most vivid imaginations, while keeping within our standard esthetic.

.Our collections, more often than not, combine inspirations from vintage and antique fashions, objects, and images, as well as charity works and activism in an attempt to make beauty apparent in unlikely places. Typically, the works are categorized into the three branches of thought -- deep {dark} desires, extravagant fantasies, and a merging of the two.

.Our product perfectly suits the lingerie lover that will enjoy some of the pieces as inner and outer wear. It also suits costuming and styling industries that work within performance arts such as theatrical engagements, burlesque, television, and movies.


CEO & Creative Director

.Adrina is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a single mom of two, and a domestic abuse survivor. Art and design have always been an outlet for emotional expression.

 .In 2019, Adrina was finally able to realize her dream of opening up a boutique. This boutique is located in Press Bay in Ithaca NY. There she continues to create garments for various clientele whom are at various stages in their lives.

.LGBTQ friendly, and a hub for hard-to-find 'specialty' undergarments, Adrina strives to provide items that are missing in the world of lingerie. She utilizes her platform to assist in advocating, educating, and donating to and for the marginalized and most underrepresented within the community and beyond.


Clientele Experience Coordinator

.Lo Waters is a Southern California native, queer Black being, with a professional background in non-profit arts & museum programming/management. In their/her personal life, physical self-care practices merge with spiritual wellness, creating an embodied experience of healing. 

.Central to this embodiment are astrology, herbal medicine, creativity & play, & ancestral veneration. On a path seeking & understanding Self (as well as community & home), Lo moved to Ithaca from Brooklyn in January to continue this journey, whilst simultaneously nurturing their deep desire to be closer to nature.

.Excited for this new shift, Lo joins Adrina Dietra as a Client Experience Coordinator, & hopes their magical energy will support the intimacy & trust being co-created between the shop & the Ithacan community. Be sure to drop by and give them a warm welcome 🖤!